Customized and "turnkey" designs

C.M. Technologies s.r.l. is a company specializing in the design and development
of innovative industrial products. CM Tech is a partner whose cooperation
with the COMPONENTI Group enables it to follow the development of the product
from its conception through to delivery:

1) Conception and Feasibility. This stage comprises the brainstorming and feasibility analysis of the project. The "concept" is developed and tests and prototypes are made,
to assess the viability and soundness of the design, with a projection of the product costs.

2) Engineering. The general design of the product is carried out, followed by the detailed design of the electronics, the mechanics, the kinematic motion and the hydraulic and fluid-dynamic systems and a structural analysis of the critical components and tolerances for all the mechanical parts.

3) Industrialization. All the equipment for production is designed and produced: moulds, test benches and tooling for assembly. All the functional tests and product life trials are carried out, with checking against the initial requirements.

4) Production. The certifications, markings and approvals required by the customer are obtained while the production layout and the assembly process are determined
and validated.